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628 Cherokee St, Kalamazoo, MI  49006


Mobile Bicycle Repair - By Appointment

What We Offer


Johnson Cycle Works comes to you with a vast amount of bicycle shop experience; 35 years in the industry means you’re getting the best.  My mission is to provide the best service for your bicycle, at a reasonable price, with free pick-up and drop-off on select tune-ups.  I pride myself on great customer service and believe that a well-tuned bicycle is simply more enjoyable to ride.

How it works: 


You schedule a tune-up, I pick up your bike on the scheduled date, service it, then bring it back to you the next day.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or card.  Simple, that’s the goal.

More Than a Tune-Up

Of course, Johnson Cycle Works does more than just tune-ups.  My services range from simple repairs to overhauls and far more complex things like frame modifications, restorations, and re-paints.  Whether your bike is a high-end machine or a heap of rust, I will treat you and your bicycle with care and will go the extra mile.  I begin every repair with an accurate quote and will typically have the repair done within a couple of days; ordering parts can add a few days.  I give every bike what I call 'The Love'.  'The Love' is what makes a bike that I work on ride better; it includes things like fit, ergonomics, and mechanical performance.  My repairs don't just work when I’m done with them, they work great! 

Bike Fitting

I also offer bike fitting services.  Whether you need to know what size bicycle to purchase, or you need to be more comfortable on your current bike, I can help.  With equipment to custom fit a bicycle to you, and deep knowledge of how a bike should fit, you can be sure that I'll make you comfortable on your bike. 

You Can Now Purchase e-bikes From Us

For all electric bikes purchased from Johnson Cycle Works, assembly and delivery are included at no cost.  Your bike will be professionally assembled, tuned and delivered!!  Give me a call, and let's find the right e-bike for you.  (269)370-5846

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