Meet Steve

My name is Steve, and I’m the owner of Johnson Cycle Works.  I have worked professionally in the bicycle industry since 1988, with the exception of four years self employed as a builder.  I love sharing the passion of cycling with people, and I love working with my hands, whether it be wrenching on bicycles or building a house.  The ability to work with my hands is a gift from God and it brings me joy to use this gift in my work.  I hope to be a part of the cycling industry for many years to come.


In 2012, my life came crashing down when I was caught in an addiction.  I lost darn near everything, including my bike shop, my house and much more.  But in the midst of all the loss, I found freedom and power to overcome.  I am so thankful for my pastors, friends, family and counselors that walked through that valley with me.  Quite a few miraculous things have happened in my life since 2012, including a wonderful career working for myself building, remodeling and adding on to homes.  I am super excited to get back to working on bicycles in the warm months and continuing construction during the cold months when cycling slows down in Michigan.


While not working on bikes or houses, I love road and mountain biking, boating, fishing, hiking, camping and virtually any kind of adventure.  My God and my family are top priorities in my life.  I’ve been married since 2001, and we have three awesome children that I’m crazy proud of.


I hope we can get to know one another through cycling.  It would be my honor to maintain your bicycle for you.

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